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The network organizes an international digital symposium on "The role of biosphere reserves and forests in facing climate changes in the Arab world."

On the occasion of the International Forests Day, corresponding to March 21st, 2021, the Climate Action Network-Arab World, through its Thematic Working Group on Forests, in coordination with the International Union for the Conservation of the Environment, has organized a seminar on Tuesday 23 March 2021 entitled "The role of biosphere reserves and forests in fighting climate change in the Arab world", with the participation of a group of interested individuals and experts in the field. The Seminar started with an introduction by Mr. Hamza Oudghiri, Chairman of the Climate Action Network - Arab World, in which he expressed his gratitude for the dynamic inside the Thematic Working Group on Forests within the network and other Thematic Working Groups. He also thanked the World Federation for the Preservation of the Environment and all the participants in this seminar. In particular, the speakers in the seminar Dr. Elsa Sattout, specialist in ecology and earth sciences from the UNESCO Regional Office for Science in Cairo, Mr. Ahmed Alshraideh, President of the Jordanian Society for Human Development and environment, and Dr. Haddane Brahim, President of the National Committee of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Morocco. Mr. Hamza emphasized the importance of organizing such seminars in which civil society organizations participate and how they can participate and contribute positively with governments to the programs allocated in each country. 

Furthermore ,  Dr. Abdellah Ahjam head of the Scientific Committee for Forests in the network, also spoke about the work of the Scientific Committee for Forests and its role in establishing activities concerned with forests, biodiversity and biosphere reserves, and what the scientific committee did to issue a set of recommendations that preserve forests and added that the slogan of the World Day of Forests Restoring forests is the way to recovery and prosperity, and that the state of forests is not enviable, and we must work for the recovery of forests in order to reach prosperity.


To follow the full seminar, please visit the following links:


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