CANAW's Board Members

CANAW's Board Members 
The governing body of the Climate Action Network in the Arab World

Roles and responsibilities of the governing body

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors The main purpose of the governing body is to promote principles and oversee the members achieve the vision of CANAW. The governing body is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation operations. In particular, the administrative body seeks to:

A- Directing the Network to reach its strategic goals.

B - Organizing the members ’meeting if funding is available.

C- Adherence to the decisions of the member association and activate them.

D- Appointing and supervising the regional coordinator (or coordinators).

E- Prepare the fundraising strategy and the general budget, and facilitating the implementation of member proposals.

And manage communication with potential donors and partners.

F - Choosing the Chairman of the Board members to run the Board member meetings and to be the main point of contact.

H- Deciding on internal issues that fall within its roles based on the decision-making process within the Network.

I- Take final decisions regarding membership.

G- Leading and developing the internal policies of the CANAW, seeking to reduce conflicts of interest, fraud and corruption, and the whistleblowing policy.

K- Supervising the management of the Networks’ funds and in-kind acquisitions by adopting sound, transparent and fair management.

L- Legal representation of the Network .

M- Keep up with the issues that the Network is trying to solve.

N- Representing the Network and speaking in its name.

O- Seek to organize regular communication between members

P - seek to find consensus, wherever possible, and work as a team.

Q- The internal decisions of the Board member of CANAW shall be by consensus as much as possible, and if this is not possible, it is possible to pass to voting in decision-making by adopting a simple majority,

R- seeking to register CANAW as an entity.

Neeshad Shafi
Member of CANAW's Board Members

Hamza Oudghiri 

Chairman of the Administrative Board of

Haneen Shaheen
Secretary of the Administrative Board of CANAW

Essia Guezzi
Member of CANAW's Board Members

Mahdi Kaid 
Member of CANAW's Board Members